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Holistic MedicineToday there are two general approaches to treating disease conditions or ill health in American medical circles. Traditional medicine, or allopathic medicine, seeks to identify a disease condition, whether it is infectious (the flu), degenerative (diabetes), or traumatic (sprained ankle), and treat the condition with medicine. The goal is to make the problem caused by this condition or the condition itself go away. Drugs are usually given to combat or suppress the signs of the disease condition itself. Drugs themselves tend to suppress body function rather than help it. Antibiotic means anti-life and while they may kill a germ, they also kill millions of beneficial bacteria in the body. Steroids such as cortisone suppress allergies, but do nothing to correct them. Painkillers dampen the level of pain but often slow down healing. Allopathic medicine only treats the outward signs of disease and rarely looks to the cause of a problem.

Holistic medicine, on the other hand, views the body as a complex organism of many parts and systems which all should work in a balanced manner. When a disease condition occurs, the underlying cause is sought, and the patient’s health is rebuilt by correcting the source of the problem. For example, in human medicine, numerous things can cause headaches. Allergies, stress, digestive upsets, high blood pressure, poor eyesight, and poor nutrition are only a few of the potential causes. Allopathic medicine would treat the headache with a drug to suppress the pain. Holistic medicine would examine the patient to determine the underlying cause and correct that.

On the veterinary side, Dr. Kincaid evaluates his patient through five methods. A general physical and thorough history is always first. Then he examines the acupuncture alarm points, pulse, and tongue for energetic indicators about the patient’s condition. He checks the spinal alignment using VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation) technique and uses CRA (muscle testing) analysis to determine nutritional deficiencies. If indicated, Dr. Kincaid may run an Zyto Meridian Analysis profile to evaluate the functional status of the organs and meridian pathways. Then, using all of the these perspectives, he will design a program to meet the specific needs of your pet, often using herbs, nutrition, and homeopathy. If direct intervention is appropriate, Dr. Kincaid will set up an acupuncture or chiropractic program as well. The purpose of holistic medicine is to rebalance the entire body and return it to normal health, not to just combat disease.

For his human patients, Dr. Kincaid looks at four basic areas. The history of each patient is essential. He then examines the pulse, tongue, and nails using Chinese methodology. Dr. Kincaid will employ CRA analysis to evaluate the nutritional status and the MSA profile to measure the patient’s bioenergetic balance of organs and meridian function. Dr. Kincaid is not licensed to diagnose or prescribe medication for people, nor may he perform acupuncture or chiropractic therapy on people. The human programs designed by Dr. Kincaid focus primarily on nutrition, homeopathy, and herbs. Please inform Dr. Kincaid of any medications which you are currently taking; while he cannot advise you concerning them, he will check for potential interactions with any of the natural products. You should also inform your primary care physician(s) that you are using natural supplements.

Once the general status of a person is determined, a specific program is worked out to correct the most important issues at that time. Most people need to detoxify and get basic nutritional problems corrected prior to starting a major program. The plan will be worked out according to your needs. Holistic medicine seeks to rebuild a system, not just fix a few parts. Often the the time element is significant; if a condition has been building up for five years, it may take five to six months to correct it, even though improvement often begins in a few weeks. Holistic therapy is designed to make you or your pet as whole and functional as is possible for you

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