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Whole Food NutritionNutrition is the key to life. A body cannot exist without food and water. Foods today often are very deficient in good nutritive value for several reasons.

First, the topsoil in America has eroded away. Plants need good topsoil with humus to produce vitamin rich foods. Today most of America’s crops are grown on only three inches of topsoil (how deep do roots go?) and we try to correct this with fertilizer that only has three or four minerals of the approximately sixty that plants need.

Second, once our food is harvested, it is processed and refined to extract certain components or keep it from spoiling. Processed and refined foods are a major source of malnutrition and are contributing to the rise of diabetes, endocrine problems and degenerative diseases of the heart, nerves, and bones.

Third, our foods are contaminated with synthetic chemicals which we constantly dump into our environment. Many of our foods are also genetically modified today giving our bodies molecules which they never saw before and cannot properly digest.

The answer to the American diet is whole food supplements. The Standard Process products, which Dr. Kincaid recommends, are concentrates made of whole foods, organic vegetables, and meat products tested by higher standards than the USDA.

A key element in the diet is the natural enzyme levels in our food. These enzymes allow us to digest that specific food more efficiently and utilize the vitamins and minerals in that food effectively. If food is cooked above 118°, microwaved, or irradiated, the enzymes in it are destroyed.

The Standard Process whole food supplements are concentrated and extracted under a vacuum at room temperature to preserve all of the nutritional value in the original product. The plants and vegetable products are organically grown on glacial land in Wisconsin that still has four feet of topsoil. The Standard Process products provide concentrates of whole raw foods to give back to our pets and us the ingredients which modern food production has stripped away.

Whole foods contain whole vitamins. Most multi vitamin products today have only synthetic chemical extracts, not whole vitamins. If you took a watch apart and kept only the main spring and the hands, would it keep time? A synthetic piece of a vitamin cannot substitute for the whole food vitamin and can actually cause problems in the body. Our bodies have evolved genetically to live on real food. It is actually hard to procure real, healthy food today. Whole food supplements are the answer to this missing element in our diets.

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