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Vital WaterWater is vital to life. For both pets and people, adequate water intake and water balance are critical. Not only do we need to drink more water (most of us), we also need to be sure of the quality of our water. First, a person should try to drink three or four ounces of water every half hour. Your body can only handle that much at a time. Drinking more makes you go to the restroom and may deplete essential minerals and electrolytes. Water should be stored in glass, if possible. Plastic may be unavoidable, but the plasticizing chemicals leach into the water (especially distilled water) and are today the number one environmental contaminant. The chemicals in our drinking water actually dehydrate our cells, even if we seem to be drinking sufficient quantity. When cells get dehydrated, the body doesn’t work well, we feel sluggish and have pains and headaches.

I recommend two hydration products. RehydrationTM is a homeopathic solution which is added to drinking water. RehydrationTM combats cellular dehydration and supports nerve function. Double Helix Water restructures the water molecules of the extracellular matrix to enhance detoxification and intracellular communication. Both products are affordable and easy to use for pets and people.

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