slide02X-Rays have been the standard for diagnosis of tissues inside of the body since 1895. Once thought to be the only way to evaluate the internal body, we now know that newer technologies are far superior for many things.

Thermography is a technique which takes “pictures” of the heat being released by body tissues. What does this show? The medium of life in the body is blood, and the pattern of blood circulation produces changes in the heat radiated from areas of the body. Taking a picture of the heat pattern enables Dr. Kincaid to locate the area of the most inflammation and by monitoring this pattern from visit to visit changes in the pattern can be documented. Thermography can be used to determine which limb or joint has the most inflammation, the activity of masses under the skin (tumor or fatty lump or scar) and to isolate trigger points in muscle tissue.

This non-invasive pain free scan provides valuable information about your pet without sedation or stressful restraint. Thermography provides a documentation of the severity of the problem and the location of the problem. Then the appropriate therapy can be specific in its target. Thermography is a valuable part of any examination and treatment program, safe and inexpensive it is a win/ win for both the patient and the practitioner.

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